Guidelines for Posting on Nexus

By Courtesy of Brutal.

The first point to note is that these are guidelines not rules, there are no absolute rules, and they are provided to assist you in enjoying the Nexus Forums.
The Forums are a bit like going to your friend's house and having a discussion about the weather or any (and I do mean any) topic that interests you. Like meeting any new people for the first time you may well be nervous about talking to a stranger, and these guidelines are here to ease those nerves.

Welcome to The Nexus Forums :)
Disclaimer: All the above is (sort-of) true and accurate, but conditions vary from planet to planet, so it's possible that none of it applies to you. The management reserves the right to be totally unreasonable and completely insane if we feel like it. While we may totally agree with what Brutal has stated above, we reserve the right to deny this page exists if anyone tries to hold us to it.
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